Growing up in Chicago, Illinois, Tommy K was exposed to house music from the day he was born. Tommy took this interest in music with him to Denver, Colorado. Getting his club roots in Denver working first in lighting and sound, Tommy was able to tune his ear and style from many weekly international artists from Kimberly S, Tracy Young and The Perry Twins to Markus Schulz, Armin van Buuren and more.

While working in the clubs, Tommy found there was something missing from all the sets. Everything sounded the same. It was all circuit, all trance, or all electro. Tommy decided at this point that he would start putting together mix cds to play at the clubs he was working at to play before and after the clubs were open for the night. One night, when the headline artists had to cancel at the last second, Tommy was asked to fill in. “Just play music, don’t worry about mixing it” is the line he was given. As the time came, the club filled up, he took the stage and set a record night for the club. At the end of the night, he was offered a residency at the club where he perfected his skills on turntables and CDJ’s. Tommy was playing weekly, drawing larger and larger crowds as the weeks went on and was asked to join 4 more clubs rosters in the city.

A chance meeting with Markus Schulz one night led to bookings outside the city and things were never the same. Learning that just playing music everyone else was playing was not good enough, Tommy started to produce his own remixes and mashups and started to fill his sets with those. Never releasing these gave him a chance to play his own music, his own style, one no one else could.